The e-Sahaj Portal is a convenient platform for organizations, firms, companies, and individuals to apply for security clearance online. Here are some key points about the portal:

  1. Purpose: The e-Sahaj Portal facilitates the process of obtaining security clearances for those working in the aviation sector. Whether you're an organization or an individual, this platform allows you to apply for clearance from anywhere via the Internet.
  2. User Help Manual: The user help manual provides detailed information about the types of security clearances available, as well as the various facilities and features offered by the portal. You can download the user help manual here.
  3. Application Submission: After submitting your application, it's essential to take a printout of the submitted form. Review it carefully to identify any discrepancies. If you find any issues, promptly inform the Technical Support Team at eSahaj Portal/MoCA by emailing them at support-esahaj[at]gov[dot]in.
  4. Technical Support: For any technical assistance or resolution of issues, you can contact the support team using the contact details available on the Contact Us page.
  5. Development and Ownership: The e-Sahaj Portal has been developed by the National Informatics Center (NIC) and is owned by the Ministry of Civil Aviation.
  6. Form Filling: If you need guidance on how to fill out a form, you can watch a video tutorial by clicking play video button .