Registration Form - Step 1

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Instructions :

  1. This form is for online registration of organizations or individuals seeking for security clearance to work in aviation sector.
  2. Email id and mobile number should be unique.
  3. Registration of organizations/firms/companies is to be done once, by the person authorized by the same.
  4. Registration of an individual applying for security clearance, is to be done by himself on the portal.
  5. Person doing the registration for himself or on behalf of any organization/firm/company will be authenticated through OTP and also a documentary ID proof needs to be attached.
  6. On successful registration by the portal,a registration ID will generated by the system to be used as login Id and it will be sent to the registrant's email. The password will be sent on the registered mobile number.
  7. After successful registration, user needs to logged in to the portal to fill and submit the applicable security clearance form.
  8. User will be prompted to change the system generated password to his own password.
  9. In the case of email verification link not found in your mail inbox Please click here to re-send