Contact details of processing officials of eSahaj portal, M/o Civil Aviation (As provided to eSahaj Suppor Team )

S. No. Section Name/Department Name Type of Clearances being dealt on e-Sahaj: Contact No.
1 Policy Division, Regional Office, BCAS, Ahmedabad.  Concessionaire, Auxiliary Service Provider, GHA, RA, Catering, Fuel Farm facilities, MRO etc.   079-22858110
2 JAIPUR REGIONAL OFFICE, BCAS Auxiliary Service Provider,
Catering Establishment,
Regulated Agents,
Ground Handling Agency,
Concessionaire or Business establishments intending to work in the Security Restricted Area of an airport
3 DT Section, M/o Civil Aviation I.   Scheduled Operator Permit Category,Non Scheduled Operator Permit,Scheduled Commuter Operator Permit,Application for grant of initial NOC to operate Scheduled Air Transport Services, Application for grant of initial NOC to operate Non- Scheduled Air Transport Services,Application for grant of initial NOC to operate Scheduled Commuter Air Transport Services. 011- 24610352
4 AEP section, BCAS All type 8428995642
5 OPS Policy Section, BCAS RO, Guwahati  Concessionaires Auxiliary Service provider 9957853505,8210610490
6 Policy Section, HYDERABAD REGIONAL OFFICE, BCAS Security Clearance, GHA, Concessionaire, Auxiliary Service Provider 8527627351
7 Security Clearance under eSahaj (Policy Div.), MUMBAI REGIONAL OFFICE, BCAS AllCategories 7900155969, 8510035313
8 DTL Section, DGCA FATA Security Clearance Sh.Yogesh Dalal, Assistant Section Officer:- Moblie: 9671647535
9 DTL Section, DGCA FATA Security Clearance Sh. Alam Singh Negi, Assistant Section Officer:- Mobile: 9868884307
10 Operational Section, BCAS RO Kolkata Security clearances of Auxiliary Service Provider, Concessionaire , GHA, Catering establishment, MRO etc. Mob. 7979762284
11 BCAS RO, BENGALURU ALL 9341046591, 7500504311
12 BCAS RO , Bhubaneswar Auxiliary Service Provider, Ground Handling Agency, Concessionaries & Business Establishment., Catering Services, Regulated Agent, MRO Tel-0674-2595204 Mob-6204220795 Sh P K Tiwari, SASO
13 BCAS RO, Amritsar i. Ground Handling Agency(GHA) ii. Concessionaire & Business Establishment iii. Auxiliary Service Providers iv. Catering Companies v. NSOP vi. Regulated Agent (RA) & Cargo vii. MRO viii. Fuel Farm Security Prgoramme (FFSP) 0183-2214175
14 Air Transport (AT-1), DGCA 1. Import/Acquisition of aircraft for Private Category 2. Flight Clearing Agencyiii. Auxiliary Service Providers 3. Security Clearance for Aerial Work Authorisation with aeroplane/helicopter (not applicable for Drones/RPAS/UAV) 1. Pramod R Nagare (Assistant Director of Operations) M- 9892066343 2. Atul Maindola (Deputy Director of Operations) M- 9999069074